Real UE/Device Registration failing with Free5GC 3.0.6

We have two UEs ASUS ROG and HTC Desire and a Teit Modem Kit - All supports 5G SA band 78

When ASUS ROG and or Telit to register with Free5GC 3.0.6 over E/// B78 radio and seeing error below…

2022-09-21T10:25:42-06:00 [WARN][AMF][NAS][AMF_UE_NGAP_ID:16] NAS MAC verification failed(received: 0x4ca9f0f0, expected: 0x00000000)
2022-09-21T10:25:18-06:00 [INFO][AMF][NGAP][][AMF_UE_NGAP_ID:14] Handle Initial Context Setup Failure
2022-09-21T10:25:34-06:00 [ERRO][SMF][PduSess] Handle PDUSessionResourceSetupResponseTransfer failed: Get bits overflow, requireBits: 8, leftBits: 5


NGAP/NAS-5GS UplinkNASTransport, Authentication failure (ngKSI already in use)
5GMM cause: ngKSI already in use (71)

NGAP InitialContextSetupFailure
radioNetwork: failure-in-radio-interface-procedure (24)

there are no registration issues with HTC Desire and everything works… We can run youtube and can browse web etc but after 15 minutes it drops pdu session…

Please note all above devices works perfect with another 5G SA Core…