Real UE register failed

Looks free5gc missed the pdu session data(use subscription or default smf selection data).in initialContextSetupRequest. so that after register accept,UE can’t access the network.backhaul_CP.pcap (9.2 KB)

38.413 8.3
UE Context Management Procedures

8.3.1 Initial Context Setup General

The purpose of the Initial Context Setup procedure is to establish the necessary overall initial UE context at the NG-RAN node, when required, including PDU session context, the Security Key, Mobility Restriction List, UE Radio Capability and UE Security Capabilities, etc. The AMF may initiate the Initial Context Setup procedure if a UE-associated logical NG-connection exists for the UE or if the AMF has received the RAN UE NGAP ID IE in an INITIAL UE MESSAGE message or if the NG-RAN node has already initiated a UE-associated logical NG-connection by sending an INITIAL UE MESSAGE message via another NG interface instance. The procedure uses UE-associated signalling.


There is InitialContextSetupRequest inside ngap in the pcap file.
Or if there any IE should free5GC need to add in InitialContextSetupRequest to support real UE PDU session?

Thanks a lot!

Here is the testLog we use one vendor’s commercial core.there is PDUSessionResourceSetupListCtxReq in initialContextSetupRequest. [core shall use default apn to setup default rab(5),the nas shall have the payload container.otherwise,ue might be in imcomplete status,in our case,ue can’t access the network]
mate30_3.5_ipv4v6.pcapng (4.5 KB)


It seems to us that “when required” is an optional implementation.
Can we ask a question for clarification that what kind of NGAP protocol stack in use? Is it Radisys?

The gNB was Nokia. the core is also nokia which encapsulate the pdusession data in the initialContextSetupReq.

however,free5gc didn’t encapsulate the pduSession data in the initialContextSetupRequest.
the result is:UE can’t access the gNb.

Hi @thornton,

We think we fixed this issues in v3.0.5.
Could you update your free5gc to v3.0.5 and test again?
And also share the test results to us.
Thanks a lot.

The early problem was security compatible related,after tune the gnb and 5gc security parameter, the mate30 registration procedure and session worked my memory 300 and 304 worked already.
we are planning to test the docker version. However we faced the iue.serviceReq procedure case,the gnb will reject the process. so we are trying to find the root cause by comparing with commercial network procedure.


Which band did you use to test with mate30? N79?

hi.we use Mate30 for the testing with band n78. shall correct the iue_serviceReq with enhanced contextRelease for exist context,then most of the testcases were passed.