Tips on seting up a real 5G network

Hello there,

I’m planning to deploy a private 5G network to enable testing (e.g. to run experiments). I’ve read some topics regarding the deployment of a real network (listed by the end of this message) and the free5GC’s guide hardware page.

However, as they were created a while ago, I’d like to ask if there’s any update on those setups. And if possible, how can I confirm that a given pair of gNB and UE may work?

I guess I need to buy a gNB, a compatible antenna, programmable SIM cards and a 5G-capable UE. The free5GC will run in a virtual environment so I believe that a PC/server would fit. Do I need to buy anything else?

Do you have any suggestions given that the setup would involve the possibility of testing (I’m asking this because AFAIK some commercial devices don’t allow changes and/or don’t have manuals or access to source code, etc)

I’ve experience in setting up wireless (WiFi-based) networks but I’m new to 5G/cellular real deploys. For now, I’ve been using UERANSIM and N3IWUE to experiment.

If any other clarification is required, please, let me know.

Any information, URLs and tips are greatly appreciated. TIA

Hi, @oliveiraleo
Here is the information about the devices I am using:
The UE is an APAL 5G Dongle, and the gNB is composed of a USRP B210 with OAI 5G, and free5GC

You can refer to the following URL to set up UHD: OAI Reference Architecture for 5G and 6G Research with USRP - Ettus Knowledge Base

Here is the Docker image for OAI gNB:

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Hello @donald2000

Thanks for sharing your hardware setup. I saw online that the APAL Dongle has a dedicated cooling system. Is it suitable for outdoor usage (e.g. using it to simulate a moving 5G device)?

Regards, Leo.

Hello @oliveiraleo
Currently, I use it only indoors, so I can’t provide information on outdoor usage, but theoretically, it should work.