Is free5GC tested with any commercial RANs?

When we released stage 1 of free5GC (v1.0), we kept the S1AP interface to 4G eNB. We tested free5GC with some commercial eNBs successfully, including:

  1. GemTek WLTGFC-101 eNB, 3GPP Rel-9 compliance
  2. D-Link DWR-1012, 3GPP Rel-12 compliance
  3. WNC OSQ4G-01E2 eNB, 3GPP Rel-13 compliance

Our stage 2 (v2.0) and stage 3 (v3.0) implementations of free5GC follow the 3GPP R15 standalone (SA) standards. Because we cannot get any commercial 5G SA gNBs, so far we only tested free5GC with Spirent Landslide which is an 5G emulator. Some local companies in Taiwan will provide us real 5G SA gNBs. As soon as we get them, we will test them, which will be around Q4 this year. If you can provide us commercial 5G SA gNBs, we will be happy to test them too.

did you test the SA gNBs you were going to get from taiwan?? if yes please share the gNB link.


I currently have access to a commercial gNB with SA support. I am installing it and I would like to validate that we can work with it and let you all know. However, I am not planning to use N3IWF for now. Thus, my understanding is that I can´t skip this and go with the installation with a single interface, am I wrong? Do I still need 3 interfaces for this solution?


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  1. Yes, N3IWF is not necessary to run it if you don’t need it.
  2. I’m not sure how do you mean 3 interfaces?
  1. I’m not sure how do you mean 3 interfaces?

I mean, that from the free5gc website the N3IWF has this description:

“Make sure the machine is equipped with three network interfaces. (one is for connecting AMF, another is for connecting UPF, the other is for IKE daemon)”

Since I won’t be running N3IWF may I run free5gc with only one interface? In the past I have tested nextEPC (4G EPC) with a single interface and it works. Is it possible to run free5gc with a single interface too?

BTW, the gNB that I am planning to test is a Nokia model, I am really excited to test it! :slight_smile:

hi @fefer,

can you share brand and model of the gNB with SA you are playing around with?

@kelchy, unfortunately I do not have the model yet. We are still remotely preparing the gNB. I can only disclosure that it is a Nokia gNB, but I´ll update this thread once I get the model.

which gnb are you using? can you please share the link.

I am testing with a Nokia Airscale, not quite sure the model, I can try to check it next week. However, unfortunately until now I was not able to fully integrate it. I can see the AMF blinking on the gNB management interface, then the core suddenly crashes it seems to be related to memory leak. This is the thread where I share what is going on:

@free5GC quick update, I was able to connect a Nokia gNB. Now getting a device to test it, gonna try to keep this thread updated :slight_smile:

Congrats for the whole team for such a great project!

This depend on what architecture you wants to test on.
But in short, yes, you can just using one interface for all in one free5GC connect to gNB.

Hi All, I wanted to refresh the thread.
As for now, was there any commercial SA gNodeB tested with your Free5GC?
I want to connect physical 5G gNodeB prototype to emulated 5G Core NW, but as I see you weren’t connected it so far.
Was there any update in meantime?


Hello @MariuszNasiadka,
As far as I know, the free5GC team has tested with Alpha and Compal,
and has also commissioned a third party to test with Nokia, Ericsson, WNC, and ITRI.
(Please let me know if I am wrong, thanks)
The following two links are examples of free5GC docking with Nokia and Amarisoft respectively:



Hope this answer can help you. And I look forward to your report to the free5GC team with the results of your self-testing, I believe it will be very helpful for free5GC.