Registering several UEs stops with no erros


I have modified registration_test.go to register several UEs with a for loop, similar to

I have also raised the buffer’ size. While registering there comes a tome where it stops registering UEs and I do not know why. As you can see in this screenshot, there are no error messages of why is this happening. I don even know if there is an error.

I also attach a traffic capture so you can see that it does not show any errors as well, it simply stops seeing new messages.

UeRegister.pcapng (75.9 KB)

Another aspect that I think it may be relevant is that the number of UEs registered before it stops varies: Sometimes I execute the test and it manages to register 200 UEs before stopping. Sometimes it only gets around 70 so it seems a bit arbitrary and I do not know where to look for errors.