Release 16 & Release 17 Roadmap

I want to ask 2 simple questions that I did not found in anywhere related answers. I would be very happy if you answer my questions.

  1. What is in your roadmap of free5gc? We know that you are implementing features according to Release 15, but as you know after Release 16 and included Release 17 some advanced features such as URLLC capability can be used. In this direction, have you started working on Release 16 and Release 17? Do you have a roadmap timeline for Release 16, 17?

  2. Does the current free5gc core software have the competence to avoid security and privacy vulnerabilities?


Hi @otb
We plan to implement some features in R16 and so on. But I cannot guarantee an exact roadmap.
In terms of security, we cooperate with some related labs in the university to enhance the security of free5GC. Of course, security-related PR is welcome.