Release a pdu session when a UE has more than one configured

Hello everyone.

I have a yaml file for a UE, it has configured with 2 network slices. When I run the file, it runs perfectly, the ue can access 2 slices at the same time through two different pdu sessions, but when I try to release one pdu session (with the command ps-release), after release it, automatically a pdu session reestablishment process is trigger, and a new pdu session is created, when I do not need the new pdu session.

I really appreciate your help to resolve this issue.

Hi @rmayalam2022 ,
This seems like a code related problem.
Do you mind creating a new issue on free5GC github regarding this topic?

It would be much appreciated!


Hello danielh1204.

Thanks for your suggestion. I will create an issue for it.