Restarted UE fails to get PDU session

only difference I noticed in the log is

initial UE activation:
2021-07-22T10:30:29Z [TRAC][SMF][PduSess] DataPath Meta Information
Activated: false

after UE restart:
2021-07-22T10:31:17Z [TRAC][SMF][PduSess] DataPath Meta Information
Activated: true

01 - all NF & UERANSIM log - after UE’s first PDU Session Establishment Request.txt (55.3 KB)

02 - all NF & UERANSIM log - after UE is restarted and sends PDU Session Establishment Request.txt (28.4 KB)

Hi al10fiaz,

There are some problems we meet when we try to repeat this issue.

  1. Which version(commit hash) of free5gc and each NF do you use?
  2. How many UEs connect to core network at the same time in your scenario?


Hi Jordan,

I had a single UE connected.

please advise how to acquire the information in #1


You can use the command git log to find them.

Hi Jordan,
it’s v3.0.5

Hi al10fiaz,

This problem is due to amf & smf didn’t remove the smContext related to the UE.
we are working on this issue now and will fix this bug quickly.

Thanks for your contribution.