Retransmitting PDU Session Establishment Request due to T3580 expiry

When I was starting ue,error occured like this:

Having the same issue
did you manage to solve it ?

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what made the change ?

Hi @zzzccc129, I’m facing the similar issue. Could you please share how you resolved it?

you can add me QQ 463472627

How did you solve it?

Hi, did you solve it?


This issue may occur due to the following reason:

  1. Wrong setting in amfcfg.yaml, s.t. the UE’s DNN is not serviced by AMF.
  2. Some NFs are run before NRF, so NFs cannot find them by asking NRF. You can change the sleep time in to avoid this.
  3. The UE config is different between UERANSIM and UDM (config in webconsole)

You may provide more data to us, like log of free5GC, config file etc… That will make us know what makes this issue.