Run n3iwf test case,upf notices Packet match with GTP-U header failed

When running the default n3iwf test case, it is found that the last step in the use case sending ICMP package from to is unsuccessful.
The following abnormal information was found during the trace log tracking test process. From the log feedback results, the exception occurred when UPF tried to unpack the gtp-u packets sent by n3iwf, which caused UPF not to respond to n3iwf.

I didn’t modify the logical structure of the source code, just the IP information related to the test environment.
Would you pls help? thanks!

2020-11-18T08:25:00Z [TRAC][UPF][Util] Buffer Alloc Size[8192] (/root/free5gc/src/upf/lib/utlt/src/utlt_buff.c:108 SelectBufblkOption)
2020-11-18T08:25:00Z [DEBU][UPF][Util] Packet match with GTP-U header failed (/root/free5gc/src/upf/src/up/up_match.c:689 PacketInWithGTPU)
2020-11-18T08:25:00Z [DEBU][UPF][Util] Find Rule for buffering test failed (/root/free5gc/src/upf/updk/src/kernel/gtp5g_context.c:71 UPDKGtpHandler)
2020-11-18T08:25:00Z [DEBU][UPF][Util] Pool Free successful, total capacity[16], available[16] (/root/free5gc/src/upf/lib/utlt/src/ (64.4 KB)

Can you provide the pcap file?

I have uploaded the file of grab package. Thank you!

n3iwf_test(1).zip (80.6 KB)
UEns.pcap (12 KB) UPFns.pcap (4 KB)

What’s your topology and the IP. Can you provide a draft and the config file that you have modified?