SMF Can't find UPF with DNN [internet]


When I separated free5gc to each micro service, and execute TestRegistration, I got following errors.




RAN IP(GoLang Test):

amf pcap: amf.pcap (45.4 KB)
smf pcap: smf.pcap (21.9 KB)
ran pcap: ran.pcap (31.9 KB)

config zip: (5.0 KB)


There is no pfcp msg inside smf.pcap. We see the PFCP Association Request has been sent on the SMF log.

You might try to provide the pcap file with pfcp message?

You can capture the pfcp log with -o options

I reboot host and deployed free5GC stage3 again, I use TestRegistration it shows success.
I think this issue can be closed.

I had similar issue. But it is OK if i start UPF process prior the test.

Maybe SMF can’t connect to UPF, so pcap file does not contain PFCP Association Request?
Please check SMF error code.
I don’t restrict the tcpdump packet type.

Hi @cewuandy ,

According to the log on smf, there might at last one pfcp association request been sent. But with the pcap file you have provided, there is no pfcp message. Can you help us to check if you have capture the packet on the right interface or maybe capture “any” interface on your host.

Beside, can you provide UPF’s log and pcap file so that we can check it.

Thanks a lot.