Sslkey files are empty

Because of the tls link,even though captured the tcp packages, we can’t study the message flows between the Nx interface. After i run the network, i can find the xxSSLkey.log generated,however it’s zero size. is there any setting to write the sslkey. i used the latest version of 5gc.

Hi sir
You need after each test to copy xxsslkey.log file including in Test folder
For example :slight_smile:
./ TestRegistration
Then after test complete make sure that for example amfsslkey.log is not empty
By doing :
cat amfsslkey.log
Then you make this file in wireshark
Protocol --> TLS

I tried many times,however the xxsslkey.log(s) were created every time(i can check the time by ls) after run the test TestRegistration. but they were all empty of contents. Now we are planning to connect a gNB.