Start up the WebConsole server error

I installed version 3.4.1 of Free5GC according to the official website tutorial.An error occurred when I started the web console server.The error is shown in the figure below

Can someone help me solve this problem?

Since Webconsole acts as AF in free5GC, it has to register to NRF.
This error may occur if the NRF is not running or the configuration is not right.

How can I solve this problem? Are there any specific steps?

@Zhang Did your NRF run while you started up the webconsole?

I don’t know how to check whether NRF is running in this version of free5gc.

@Zhang Did you run the core network? And which command you used?

Do you need to start the core network?I used
cd ~/free5gc/webconsole

NRF is one of the core network functions.

You can either use

cd free5gc
make nrf && ./bin/nrf

or use script

cd free5gc
sudo ./

to start NRF only or run the whole 5G core.