Sumulated RAN provided by openairinterface i.e, oaisim, i am trying to connect to free5GC core

Dear Team,
I was trying to set up an environment where from RAN side i am using openairinterface oaisim and core side i am using free5GC, after doing all the settings, I ran the test but i am getting below error:

This error message is from RAN side,

[MAC][I][eNB 0], Frame 33, DCCH1->DLSCH, CC_id 0, Requesting 125 bytes from RLC (RRC message)
[OSA][E]Mismatch found in integrity for algorithm 2,
got 70.4c.73.f0, expecting
[PDCP][E][OSA][RB 2] UE failed to validate MAC-I of incoming PDU
[RRC][N][UE 0] Frame 33: received a DCCH 2 message on SRB 2 with Size 39 from eNB 0
[RRC][E][UE 0] Frame 33: Received message on DL-DCCH (SRB2), should not have …

Sorry we are not working on OAI, but we know of a topic related to it for example the one highlighted below. We can bring it forward and make it a point of discussion.

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