Does free5GC support USRP,which based on SDR and can be uesd as gNB& UE?

USRP can support gNB& UE,so we can ues free5GC SA structure

As long as USRP follows the standard interfaces, it should work.
However, we haven’t tested free5gc with USRP yet. If you try it, welcome to let us know the result.

Hi terence,

Does you use OAI for USRP to simulate gNB?

We tried to use OAI for USPR as gNB. But we haven’t connected it to Free5GC yet. We would like to work on it which anyone who are interested in.

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I have used USRP for SDR, but I will try to use USRP B2xx for gNB & UE.

Hi ywang06,

Could you share the OAI installation link to setup a gNB with an USRP B210 board?
I tried to find on OAI webpag but it seems that not avaiable yet.

it is still very limited function in gNB. eNB on OAI is much more stable. We would like to connect either one to Free5GC at some point.

Thank you, now it is not ready yet for NSA lab with a COTS UE.