TAC changes with multiple AMF's


Is there any way to change TAC (Tracking Area Code) between multiple AMF’s ?

i have distributed environment with multiple NF"s (nrf, amf, smf, udr, pcf, udm, nssf, ausf, upfd) with 3 AMF’s, so i just wanna check is there any possibility to change the TAC from first AMF to second AMF…etc after some frequency. Below image is for reference.

I appreciate your help.

Hi, Shas

Do you mean handover procedure? or you want to move gNB(include the UE) from TA1(belong to AMF1) to TA2(belong to AMF2)? Thanks.

Thanks for the reply…
I believe handover procedure (4G-5G or 5G-4G) is not supporting in the v3.0.5 release.

My usecase is to switch from TA1(belong to AMF1) to TA2(belong to AMF2) along with gNB.

Eg: Take an example of moving car, Initially the car was registered with AMF1 and then after sometime the car moved to another TA2 location so it should again registered with its AMF2, AMF3…etc

Sorry that we haven’t implemented the AMF selection yet in handover procedure defined in TS 23.502 step 2.

However, you may do the same thing by deregistration first and involving the registration procedure when the car moves to AMF2 for example.