Test free5GC error

I installed it according to the free5GC teaching on the official website, but an error occurred when executing ./test.sh TestRegistration and ./test.sh TestPaging. I would like to ask which environments I have not installed properly, or which side has not been set?

I meet the same problem, I think it may be the problem of network configuration. Have you solved it?


I would just like to comment that I have installed free5gc according to: Installation · free5gc/free5gc Wiki · GitHub (regarding go version - I have installed the latest one: 1.19.5).

Both tests that you mention, run properly in my environment.

I am using an Ubuntu 20.04.5 VM with all in one free5gc v3.2.1.

--- PASS: TestRegistration (9.39s)
ok      test    11.037s
--- PASS: TestPaging (11.66s)
ok      test    13.314s