Test.sh may be broken

To whom it may concern,

Test.sh is broken due to a recent checkin to upf.c on Jan 25, 2022. More specifically, line 165 of test.sh fails:

“cd NFs/upf/build && ${EXEC_UPFNS} ./bin/free5gc-upfd -f config/upfcfg.test.yaml &”

The option “-f” is not supported any more. This option is processed in upf.c, line 47,

“while ((opt = getopt(argc, argv, “l:g:c:h”)) != -1) {”

where “-f” was removed in a change on 01/25/2022. Please confirm and fix it.

Feng Xie

Hi, fxie
I have tested Test.sh for latest version. There is no error in it.
Could you leave the command for Test.sh which make you occur errors here?
Thank for helping!