The free5gc v3.4.1 version cannot successfully execute ./ TestRegistration

When I execute ‘git clone --recursive -b v3.4.1 -j nproc’ to download free5gc locally(virtualbox vm), I am unable to successfully run ‘./ TestRegistration’. However, when I execute the v3.3.0 version, it works successfully.
Screenshot from 2024-06-25 17-32-00

Each time I re-run free5gc, I make sure to first run ‘make’ in the free5gc folder, and then go to the gtp5g folder and execute ‘make clean’, ‘make’, and ‘sudo make install’.

Screenshot from 2024-06-25 17-53-43
I wonder if the issue lies with some code errors present in the v3.4.1 version.

Sorry, I cannot reproduce your problem. Could you try “go mod tidy” in free5gc_v341/NFs/upf folder?

also in free5gc/test