UE cannot ping via the uesimtun0 interface (towards5gs helm)


issue:When I enter the UE pod, I am unable to ping via the uesimtun0 interface. Could you provide some details on how I can resolve this issue?

node information

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AMF logs

SMF logs

UPF logs

gnb logs

ue logs

The UPF can successfully ping via the n6 interface, but sometimes packets are dropped, so the success rate is not 100%.

You can try taking pcap on UE and UPF to see what’s happening to your icmp packets.

Hi, @Dylan.

Can you confirm that the UPF pod has enable ip forward option? Maybe the UPF is not forwarding the packets.

You can follow the steps mentioned here.

Thank you all for your responses! I believe the issue lies with the Calico CNI. I added a ‘containerIPForwarding’ parameter to the ‘custom-resources.yaml’ file and set it to ‘Enable’. Now, the UE pod can successfully ping via the ‘uesimtun0’ interface. However, a new issue has arisen where the gNB pod keeps restarting, and I cannot find any reason for this in the logs.

Maybe recreate the helm will help.

Can you provide log from the gNB pod?

Thank you for your response. The issue has been resolved. Before creating the UE and gNB pods, I increased the CPU and memory parameters in ‘towards5gs-helm/charts/ueransim/values.yaml’, and the gNB no longer experiences repeated restarts!

cpu: 100m
memory: 128Mi
cpu: 300m
memory: 512Mi