UPF failed to access the video server

Through the network provided by free5gc, my terminal can access the Internet, and can access the public network, but can not access the nginx video server in the LAN, but can access the HTML web page provided by nginx in the LAN. What configuration should be used to solve this problem.
In addition, I have tested that UPF can ping the IP of the video server internally, and download the video on the video server through wget. The host deploying UPF can also access the video in the video server.
My free5gc version is 3.0.6
The Ubuntu version is 18.04

I upgraded to the latest version, but there is still such a problem that the terminal cannot access the video server in the LAN.

Hi @xiaobinggan-zmh

I have no experience on your problem.
But I think you can refer to this video tutorial:

It looks like you need to add a default route via uesim tunnel.


@ianchen0119 I have configured everything in this tutorial, but it still does not solve my problem.

In addition, I tried to use the OAI open source platform 5GC, which can be accessed without any configuration.

I have successfully solved the problem.


It looks perfect!
I’m wondering if you can post your solution on the forum.


Since I am deployed with K8S, I added SVC for each NF and changed the mirror of UPF. Docker-compose should not encounter my problem if you use Docker-compose, which is caused by K8S.