What is <dn_interface> in this command what is the role of it in data path testing?

sudo iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o <dn_interface> -j MASQUERADE .
what should I need to give in place of dn_interface. I tried same command but UPF is failing to route packets in uplink path.

Please replace <dn_interface> with ethernet interface when connecting to data network (Internet). So that linux will support in the NAT(network address translate).

Hi i tried by giving the data network interface in the command the down link is working fine but in up link the packets are receiving out of order(used iperf for data testing)ul_udp_free5gc.pcapng (4.7 KB) ul_udp (440 Bytes)


In our understanding, UDP does not maintain order issues.

Here is what we found in wiki:

there is no guarantee of delivery, ordering, or duplicate protection.