AMF not found in webconsole

I have done this installation manually step by step following this: Installation · free5gc/free5gc Wiki · GitHub

I have started the webconsole server, and when accessing through the browser I see the error inside the UI: AMF not found.

Hi @PaulaES,

You opened another issue with webconsole,

Could you please give more details?

Hi @muthuramanecs03g

Yes. I have deployed free5gc twice, the first time with docker compose and I got the other error that I put in the other discussion, so I could not access the webconsole. In this case I did the installation manually as I indicated and when I access the webconsole, I see that the AMF not found.

It helped for me to run first

cd ~/free5gc

(the file starts the Network Functions also in the right order)

and then running the webconsole

cd ~/free5gc