Authentication failure for UE on 2nd plmn

We are trying to test multiplmn capability using free5gc v3.4.1 with real gNB and UE by adding a second plmn in the plmnlists in the following config files: amfcfg.yaml, ausfcfg.yaml, nssfcfg.yaml, smfcfg.yaml. We were able to receive Registation Request from UE using the second plmn but will always fail at Authentication like below:

Does anyone know what is wrong here? Or what is the correct setting to support multi plmn?
We encoutered the same problem using v3.2.0 and @BENHSU0723 said v.3.4.1 will sovle this issue but it remains the same. Failing selecting SN with multiple PLMN
Please help! Thanks!


@liwan @BENHSU0723
Could you provide your configuration files?
I think we can compare them to address the issues.