Failing selecting SN with multiple PLMN

I´m working on project that I need more than one PLMN per core and when I tried to add it, it didn´t have any issue, but when I run the project and when I tried to connect a UE with the second PLMN he doesn’t connect because of the HRES. After check with the wireshark I found that the error is when the project tries to get information about the UE it gives the wrong ServingNetwork. For example: I have 2 PLMN: 208;93 and 208;94, and the serving network respectively are 5G:mnc093;mcc203 and 5G:mnc094;mcc203, when I start the UE with PLMN=208;94 (second one in the config) in the wireshark the servingNetwork that the program is selecting is 5G:mnc093;mcc203 and it should be the other one.

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João Ferreira

Hi, @JoaoFerreira5. I have replied you another question in github of free5GC recently. It seems to be same question. If not, please provide me more log or infomation about your problem then I can help you.
another github issue

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Hi, @BENHSU0723, it´s a different issue that I discover trying to accomplish a AMF shared with 2 PLMN support. So my amf.conf is, as you can see, in the file uploaded here. As you can see I have two PLMN configuration in the amf.conf and the error is when I try to run the program with UERANSIM and I use a UE with the second PLMN, in this case mnc:208 mcc:93 and it gives me a error of HREX seen in the print of the terminal. So I found that HREX have the “dnn” as a variable to calculate, so I went to the wireshark and intercept the packets between AUSF and NRF to check if there was a mistake, and when I check it I found that the dnn used is the one from the first PLMN as you can see in the print of wireshark. I don´t know if I am doing something wrong or if it´s a error from the code.

amfcfg.yaml (6.2 KB)


Hello @JoaoFerreira5. I’m sorry about replying late. You can just update free5gc to latest version(v3.4.0 or v3.4.1). I have run the experiment you memtioned and I got success with this version. The only thing you should do is modifying some NF configs to fit the multiple PLMN. For instance, AMF, SMF, NSSF and AUSF are nessary NFs should be changed. Thanks, please inform me if you have futher question.

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Hi @JoaoFerreira5 ,

Did you succeed in resolving the issue?