How many number of ue's does an free5gc support?

I tried to attach multiple ues but it is attaching only 22 ues ,after that UPF is giving an warning , error and segmentation fault.

This might be the same issue. We’ll check on this bug.

Can you try to attach multi UE with a short period of wait and check if there’s still the same issue?

Thanks a lot.

yes,I already tried with out any delaying it is giving the same issue.

I have previously tested by delaying it and in some cases it indeed works, but the buffers still fill up after some time.

We mean try to wait for maybe 1 second or 2 second on each UE attach. Will it get the same result?

In UPF, we use transaction to maintain some CP information. The transaction will free by timeout mechanism. So if the CP msg comes together at the same time, the only way is to larger the buffer. The problem may be cause by this (or may not).

The other problem is that we used too much buffer to maintain one information. This may be fix but not fix it yet.

I also tried to increase the buffer in the UPF, and that way I could increase the number of UEs connected to around 60, but after that the error would appear again.
I guess as long as there are free resources, you could increase the buffers but that is not a scalable solution.